design-01Corran Addison started designing his first kayak with his father when he was 6 years old. It was also the first time he kayaked. To Corran, kayaking and kayak design go hand in hand. They are inseparable. For his 34 year kayaking career he has created the kayaks that took him to three world championship medals, the Olympics and numerous world records and 1st descents across the globe.

While Corran is the first person to say that his innovations and designs are simply a small part of the natural evolution of a sport, those in the know are quick to jump in and point out that his contribution to both the evolution of design, and the limits of paddling, go far beyond that. As Kayak Session Magazine pointed out, “the Legacy he gives to kayaking is not only huge, it is essential”.

Corran’s approach to design is closer to that of surfboard shapers than modern CAD technicians. To Corran, the design of a kayak or surfboard that has to move through the liquid, organic medium of water, is more gut feel and instinct than crunching numbers. He sees the kayak working as a translator between you and the water, so that you can express yourself through your paddling. He believes in endless testing of concepts, constant prototyping, and the willingness at any time to abandon ideas, even if there his own, for new ones.

This is the core behind Dragorossi. Corran’s brilliant designs, and unsurpassed paddling skils, combined with one of the longest and most successful careers in paddlesports, working in concord to bring you truly innovative and original kayaks so that you can express yourself as an individual paddler, not just part of the crowd in any given eddy.

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