Scott Barnes - USA

Birth date
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What is your claim to fame?
I don't think that I have one, but most of my friends seem to know me for constantly experimenting and thinking, so they end up asking me all sorts of questions
What is your preferred style of kayaking?
River running, because it's a vague enough answer that will just let me paddle any time of river, from steep creek, to big volume, or park and play. I love it all.
Your favorite boat of all time?
I have a special place in my heart for the Prijon Hurricane because it took me from average class III boater and introduced slalom, creeking and play all in one boat. Not many boats can do that now.
Your current favorite boat?
I keep coming back to paddle the Pintail because it's like my Hurricane replacement. I can do a little bit of everything in it.
Why do you paddle a Dragorossi?
Because Corran is a good sport when I talk to him about design, and nobody else is doing anything exciting. I like the grass roots feel of DR
What would you like to do, that you have not had the chance to do yet? Get a stable university teaching job so that I can be both intellectually stimulated and have enough time in summer to do all of the other things that I have not been able to so far, starting with a trip back to Europe for paddling (I did graduate school work there
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