Corran Addison - Canada

Birth date
- -
When did you start kayaking?
I 1975
What is your claim to fame?
I’ve been to a few world championships and got a few medals, paddled in the Olympics and have been designing for all of my adult life, and have had a few successful kayak and surfboard designs. But I’m not good with women - I had to pay the girls in the photo to stand there with me, so basically my claim to fame is kayaking!
What is your preferred style of kayaking?
Creeking without a doubt. I love to push myself and the limits. Of course, I really enjoy playboating too, but in the end, I’m always pulled back to creeking
Your favorite boat of all time?
The Dancer. It was a great boat at the time, but more importantly, it was the boat I paddled during my most formative years when I understood what kind of paddler I wanted to be. But I have to admit that the Fury and Squashtail are in there too as all-time favorites. All three of those were ground breaking designs that I had a lot of fun in.
Your current favorite boat?
The Critical Mass. I’m getting older, don’t paddle as much as I used to, though Ironically I love it more now than I did when I was competing etc. But the Critical Mass looks after me - it allows me to go paddling with guys half my age and twice my balls, and keep up and be safe. I used to have a death wish kayaking... now I want to make it home, but I still want to run hard stuff, and the Critical Mass is the only boat that even comes close to doing that
Why do you paddle a Dragorossi?
Um... I work for them! Is that a good answer?
What would you like to do, that you have not had the chance to do yet? Surf Jaws on a board, kayak in Tibet, and ski in Argentina? All of that, but more importantly, find a better balance between work and play - personal and commercial success.
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