Giorgio Codeluppi - Italy

Birth date
When did you start kayaking?
I started back in 86
What is your claim to fame?
Fame? No please. Italians kayak for fun, not for fame! (OK, I’ve been on the Italian canoe polo and freestyle team for years, but who cares?)
What is your preferred style of kayaking?
At the moment I like freerinding - "enjoy the water,any kind,from river to sea, from class II to V+, from playboating to river SUP: all we need is water!
Your favorite boat of all time?
The Disco, the revolution in kayak design. Hen talking about kayaking today, we can say:after or before the Disco design
Your current favorite boat?
The Mafia: the perfect alpine creek machine
Why do you paddle a Dragorossi?
Im proudly a DRAGON since the begin. I’m Italian, I believe in Corran's designs (and I love the stripes with flowers)!
What would you like to do, that you have not had the chance to do yet? I would keep going paddling hard. In my plans are: California, Stikine and Nepal again. I paddled the Humla Karnali back in 93 with a "Reaction". Now I want run it with a new school boat like the Critical Mass or Mad Boy
DSC_0867.JPG DSC_0971.jpg DSC_1093.jpg DSC_3851.jpg DSC_4146.JPG DSC_4203.JPG DSC_4315.jpg DSC_7807.JPG Giorgio Codeluppi action 1.jpg Giorgio Codeluppi action 2.jpg Giorgio Codeluppi action 3.jpg Giorgio Codeluppi.jpg california0137.jpg
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