Anthony Zanetti - USA

Birth date
- -
When did you start kayaking?
1996 - The era of revolutionary kayak design. This was a great time to discover the kayaking lifestyle. Competitions where in full bore, kayak designers where pushing the industry and each other.
What is your claim to fame?
Not much fame running through these veins. But I am on a first name basis with the Emergency Room Staff at 3 local Hospitals and 2 Orthopedic Surgeons
What is your preferred style of kayaking?
Freestyle - I'm too broken to run rivers. To me, nothing is like breaking loose on a wave, hitting a hard carve to the lip, and throwing the boat around in between. When I started paddling. Freestyle was the biggest game in town and creek boaters where 'nuts'. Well, they are still a little 'nuts', but the industry has focused on creeking, creating the 'death' of the 'rodeo star'. DragoRossi has the mold breaking designs that are pushing freestyle once again, while the Critical Mass lets me keep pace with the 'crazies' when I get talked into running rivers.
Your favorite boat of all time?
Corran's Glide-Slice: The speed, the hard edges, the ballance, the FUN. The Slice took me to the next level in what I wanted to do in the sport, and it always taught me something; a lot of times it taught me - don't do that again, but it was still the best teacher. The fist kayak I owned was Corran's FURY. I was told "if you can paddle this, you can paddle anything". I found it true and fell in love with hard edges and kayaks that people see and say, "what in the hell is that"?
Your current favorite boat?
DragoRossi Fish: To me it is the re-birth of true performance. I used to average 200+ days a year on the river. I had a 'burn out' period, then got back into the Fish at a local playspot and fell in love with the sport once again. I don't get 200 days anymore, but I'll be damned if I won't try.
Why do you paddle a Dragorossi?
It is like the lone, sweet apple in a bushel of lemons. When I am in the eddy at a playspot, I see several playboats from several comapanies that all perform the same. When I get someone out of their 'cookie cutter' and into a DragoRossi; I see huge smiles, hear things like "I didn't think that was possible", and see paddlers in competitors boats straining to get 180's and 360's while the Drago is getting 900 clean spins or going bigger then they ever have. I try to paddle every 'new' boat out there so I can have an accurate comparison, but there is none, DragoRossi is in a class all its own
What would you like to do, that you have not had the chance to do yet? Design my own Playboat, Play at Hawaii Sur Rhone in France, and spend 2 years traveling with my family and paddling North America's premier play spots.
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