Paul Lindseth - Norway

Birth date
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When did you start kayaking?
I started with flat-water kayaking in 1990 and in 1995 I got convinced to try white-water kayaking. The excitement of being on the water changed my perception of life totally. So two months later I decided to change school and move to Voss, so I could kayak every day in the summer and go skiing every day in the winter.
What is your claim to fame?
We do not claim fame in Norway!!! But If I have to claim anything; I would claim that I live in a white water paradise (search for "yatessy" on youtube if you do not believe me).
What is your preferred style of kayaking?
Soul boating three days a week;( whether I do it in my pintail or Critical Mass),play-boating one day and finish of the week with a creek mission
Your favorite boat of all time?
That has to be the Glide and the Disco. We used those boats for everything, including things we now a days only paddle in creek boats. The glide changed my technique radically, and the Disco made me realize how much fun I can have anywhere in a kayak
Your current favorite boat?
That has to be the Critical Mass. Whether I am racing down my local run or doing a multi-day trip on a small or big volume creek I always feel safe. But in an ideal world I would also wish to have my Squashtail stored in the hatch, so that I could play all those spots that I normally have to pass.
Why do you paddle a Dragorossi?
Because I am always looking for the best design out there. I take the time to try different boats from several companies every season. And so far no other company has come close to give me the boat advantage that Dragorossi gives me. My goal is to have more fun than my friends when I playboat and be safe when I go creeking, so that I can enjoy the fun of mastering hard rapids. I do not expect any one to believe me on this, unless they have had a go themself.
What would you like to do, that you have not had the chance to do yet? Like most of us I dream of getting better at surfing and go on regularly trips with my future split board and potentially one day try some big wave tow in surfing. On a short perspective I would love to make a 280/300cm long river charger, which could also creek. As soon as I start making money I will post some pictures (about 5 years from now, haha). And of course it would be great live to a 105 and still have my good looks.
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