Pamina Vitta - Italy

Birth date
When did you start kayaking?
I started playing kayak polo in 2000 and river running in 2004
What is your claim to fame?
I guess that would be Norway 2008 when my true, acute, sincere addiction to tuna fish cans became notorious to the public, together with my matchless cooking ability....
What is your preferred style of kayaking?
Big water
Your favorite boat of all time?
what a weird question: 88 obviously!!!
Your current favorite boat?
88 forever
Why do you paddle a Dragorossi?
Because I literally fall in love with 88, the easiest, most confortable caring compagnon I ever wanted. And of course because it is such a great feeling to paddle an italian boat. it makes me proud of my flag. And now please stand up and sing the Italian Nation Anthem with your right hand on your heart with me.
What would you like to do, that you have not had the chance to do yet?I'd like to paddle US west coast, climb Mount Kilimanjaro and Pisquo Peak in Perù, take 10 years off my ID, iron my hairs and make them straight, read all the books I always wanted to read and sleep 24 hours in a row without loosing a day. Possibly spend the rest of my life travelling with a dog and a kayak along. What??? No, not at all I am not a dreamer; I am hopeless!
foto.JPG paminaok.jpg
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