Frederic Beccaro - Italy

Birth date
When did you start kayaking?
What is your claim to fame?
when i started in 1984 i ran most kind of kayaks discipline such as wild water, slalom and polo. in early '90 i understood that my claim to fame is sharing kayak with most paddlers as possible
What is your preferred style of kayaking?
once river running, big volume, now river trip
Your favorite boat of all time?
it’s difficult to say because in 28 years we had a lot of changes in kayaks. wave sport ez and rainbow dna, now naturally dragorossi 88
Why do you paddle a Dragorossi?
because it's a friendly team and because i like italian manufacturer since i can be in touch with producer and share my impression with.
What would you like to do, that you have not had the chance to do yet?
run again colorado, probably with raft, so i could have the possibility to go with friends that are not familiar with kayak and river atmosphere
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