Creek boating to most people comprises of weekend outings to fun rivers littered with various drops and rapids that are challenging, but for the most part, not really that dangerous. After all, who wants to risk their life every time they go out with their friends? This is who our kayaks are really for.

But we design our boats for the upper extreme - by paddlers for paddlers who walk a fine line of survival each time they get onto a river. For this small group of people, absolute faith and confidence in their equipment is paramount to survival. The kayaks job is to make the impossible possible; to make the hard easy. When we succeed in creating a new design for them, then the average paddler is going to be well served!

We want your kayak to forgive your mistakes, make up for your shortcomings, and even when you’re paddling perfectly on your game, be there to deal with whatever the river suddenly decides to throw at you.

We don’t design our creek boats to look like any current trend in shape, size, length or any other “in thing”. We start at a very simple beginning and ask ourselves one simple question: “What do I want this kayak do do for me?”. The way it looks at the end of development is simply the answer to this question, without any consideration for what current design fashion is in vogue this week.

When our team paddlers, and as important, average paddlers, come back to us and say “I just had a really good day; I’ve never had such an easy run on that river” then we know we’ve done it. Until that time, we keep prototyping.

So expect to scratch your head when you look at one of our creekers, and wonder why we did this or that; why our kayak does not look like what trends say they should. Its because we’re not here to conform to a trend. We’re here to keep you alive and make creeking fun... and safe.

Technical details
Length: 259 cm
Width: 65,5 cm
Volume: 3150lt.
Weight: 20 kg

It’s the new DragoRossi Creek boat, ideal also for river running. It’s very fast and precise in the ...


Technical details
Length: 269 cm
Width: 66 cm
Volume: XX Large
Weight: 22 kg

When we started on the Critical Mass, it was a call out for those guys pushing it harder and harder...

Critical Mass

Technical details
Length: 230 cm
 Width: 63 cm
Volume: Medium
Weight: 19 kg

The goal of the Mafia was seemingly impossible: design a small compact creeker ...


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