River Runner

river River Runners get a bad rap. When the hype machine is in full swing, and the “creekers” and “playboats” are pimping themselves all over video and magazines, the poor river runner is left in obscurity.

Lets face it; it’s a rare moment when you see a river runner busting out a 3ft airblunt, or running some 30m waterfall, and those are the images that make the hype machine run.

But river runners are in reality the kinds of boats most paddlers get the most milage out of. The versatility due to the nature of the designs opens so many doors for most paddlers who focus less on one specific aspect of kayaking, and more on the overall experience of just being out there and doing a little of everything.

To some, this means running rivers that range from class 2 up to moderate class 5, with a focus on the social aspect of paddling with friends, rather than “cheating death” on insane creeks. The joy comes from the small challenges each river has to offer, and the experience of being out there, doing it.

To others, it’s running playful rivers, moving from one wave to the next, having a surf here or there, then making a hard move through a notch or over a small drop, and heading down to the next fun eddyline or surfable wave.

Because the focus of one “river runner” is so different to the next, they should almost be categorized as “river play” and “river/creek”, but to us it’s simply variations of the same overall idea: “I want to kayak rivers and have fun doing it all, not focus on one aspect”. The following pages will be self evident in showing you the way to which boat is most suitable for you.

Technical details
Length: 189 cm
Width: 65 cm
Volume: Large
Weight: 16 kg

The design is as adapt on river runs, from California’s steeps, to Norway’s mass volume, as it is playboating. This makes getting to playspots easier ..


Technical dettails
Length: 253 cm
Width: 64 cm
Volume: Large
Weight: 20 kg

The focus of the Mad Boy design is anything but simple, because its very ..

Mad Boy

Technical details
Length: 219 cm
Width: 65 cm
Volume: Large
Weight: 17 kg

The Pintail hits that perfect balance between river runner and fun boat ..


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